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Counselor's Role

Individual Counseling

In individual counseling, students are able to see the counselor to discuss any concerns they might have. This service is offered all year and takes place in a confidential setting. Students can make an appointment by filling out the counselor request form.

Small Group Counseling

Throughout the year, the counselors offer small groups that address a variety of topics. Counselors use data from the beginning of the year to select students who might benefit. Requests can also be made by parents, teachers, students, and other school staff.

Classroom Lessons

Counselors deliver lessons to all students through classroom lessons. These lessons usually focus on career development, academic development, and social/emotional needs.

Collaboration and Consultation

School counselors work with other school staff, parents, and community members to ensure students are being set up for success.

Schoolwide Programs

Counselors plan and hold school wide events and programs, such as, career field trips, celebration weeks, and community services.

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