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We are here to help! 

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We can talk about what you like, your talents, and what jobs are out there that match your interests! We can also come up with a plan for next steps in order to meet your career goals. 


Together, we can work on your organizational skills, learn new ways to study, and problem solve ways to help you pay attention. We can also work on goal setting, and processing. 


If you could use support in managing your social life, we can talk about how to work as a team, work through conflict, and ways to be a better friend. We can also talk about how to make new friends, and how to get along with others. 


Feeling stressed, anxious, or angry? Have low self-esteem or just wish you were happier? We can talk through some of those feelings and learn ways to cope and manage, as well as understand those thoughts and emotions.

Ms. Tucker
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(540) 465-7403

Meet the Counselor!

3 months ago

Meet ms. tucker!

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Ms. Tucker

M. Ed. School Counseling

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Where did I go to school?

I got my masters in education for school counseling at James Madison University located in Harrisonburg, VA. Go Dukes!

Why did I become a school counselor?

I have always loved helping others to be the best versions of themselves that they can be. I believe we all have a unique set of gifts and we owe it to ourselves to share those with the world.

I have also always felt drawn to youth work; I love the authenticity that students bring to the table, and feel honored to be a part of young people's development. 

What do I like to do in my free time?

I love to create art, most recently that means painting! I also have a lot of fun with interior design, and watching tv when I have the time (come ask me about my favorite shows!). 

Meet the Student Support Specialist

3 months ago

Meet Ms. Beaune!

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Ms. Beaune

Bachelor's in Social Work 



What is the role of the student support specialist?

Through a culture of care and respect, the Student Support Specialist will connect students and their families with services and resources that address or minimize personal challenges outside of the classroom that could impede academic progress and achievement of educational goals.

What do I like to do in my free time? 

I love to spend time at the beach looking for shells, camping, and cheering on my favorite sports teams!! 

Counselor's Role

3 months ago

Counselor's Role

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Individual Counseling

In individual counseling, students are able to see the counselor to discuss any concerns they might have. This service is offered all year and takes place in a confidential setting. Students can make an appointment by filling out the counselor request form.

Small Group Counseling

Throughout the year, the counselors offer small groups that address a variety of topics. Counselors use data from the beginning of the year to select students who might benefit. Requests can also be made by parents, teachers, students, and other school staff.

Classroom Lessons

Counselors deliver lessons to all students through classroom lessons. These lessons usually focus on career development, academic development, and social/emotional needs.

Collaboration and Consultation

School counselors work with other school staff, parents, and community members to ensure students are being set up for success.

Schoolwide Programs

Counselors plan and hold school wide events and programs, such as, career field trips, celebration weeks, and community services.

Community Resources

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Need help?

Explore links to community resources, online help, 

and grade level transition support

Community Resources

Blue Ridge Hospice: (540) 665-5210

Center for Hope Counseling: (540) 459-8630

Compassion Cupboard of Strasburg: (540) 465-9476

Department of Social Services: (540) 459-6226

Northwestern Community Services: (540) 459-5108
Healthy Families: (540) 459-8558

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-8255

RESPONSE (Domestic Violence Shelter): (540) 459-5161

St. Paul Lutheran Church: (540) 465-3232

Shenandoah Co. Pregnancy Center: (540) 984-4673
Shenandoah County Department of Health: (540) 459-3733

Shenandoah Co. Dental Clinic (Medicaid): (540) 459-9333

Shenandoah County Free Clinic: (540) 459-1700

Winchester Community Mental Health Center: (540) 535-1112

Valley Health Outpatient Behavioral Health (Woodstock): (540) 459-1505


Online resources

Middle to High school transition

Better Together

7 days ago

Together We are better when... 

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Together We Are Better when we...

October :  Hey SKMS! Wow did you all make a difference in October and November by showing Encouragement and shouting out others!  Thank you for taking the time to fill out so many nominations!  

This month's theme is "We are better together when we Learn From Each Other

We want to Spotlight students who show that you are open to learning from others by asking you to complete a Shout Out about someone you have learned from.  The form is at the bottom of this page.   At the end of every month we will have a drawing of all the Shout Outs, both the person nominated and the student or staff member who filled out the referral that is chosen, will win a prize.  Who knows, it might be you who wins a prize!

Be on the look out for ways to Learn From Each Other at SKMS! We are always Better Together!

Better Together Nomination

By Kim Tucker